Ronny Bartsch

Phone: 03-7384408

ronnyRonny Bartsch studied Physics in Konstanz, Germany where he received an M.Sc. degree in July 2003, and at Bar-Ilan University, Israel where he received his Ph.D. in June 2009.

He was a post-doctoral fellow at the Division of Sleep Medicine, Harvard Medical School from 2008 till 2012, after which he joined the faculty at the same division as an Instructor in Medicine. From April 2014 until September 2014, Dr. Bartsch was a Research Assistant Professor at the Physics Department at Boston University, and since October 2014 he is a faculty member at the Department of Physics at Bar-Ilan University.

Dr. Bartsch applies methods from statistical and computational physics and nonlinear dynamics to study physiologic dynamics, sleep regulation, and circadian rhythms, and he investigates how physiologic transitions affect the coupling between organ systems. He is a recipient of the German DAAD Fellowship for the period 2010-2012 and a prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship (2014-2016). In 2012 he was awarded the Young Investigator of the Year Prize by the German Society of Sleep Medicine.

Yaopeng Ma

Yaopeng is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Physics at Bar-Ilan University. His research focuses on physiological coupling, cardio-respiratory synchronization, and Network Physiology. He also applies machine learning techniques and trains artificial neural networks for automatic sleep-stage detection and labeling of sleep apnea events in multi-channel physiological recordings.

Asaf Markuza

asafAsaf studies Physics at Bar-Ilan University. His research project, carried out in collaboration with the Center of Advanced Technologies in Rehabilitation at Sheba Medical Center, is on developing computational tools to analyze locomotion and posture during perturbations and instability.

Eitan Asher

asaf1Eitan studies Physics and Neuroscience with a minor in Mathematics at Bar Ilan University. His current research focuses on brain dynamics and coupling between different brain waves, where he applies methods from statistical physics and the theory of Complex Networks.

Livnat Corelenchtein

livnatLivnat studies Physics and Brain Science at Bar Ilan University. She works in collaboration with the Center of Advanced Technologies in Rehabilitation at Sheba Medical Center. Her research project is on EEG pattern recognition as well as identifying and automatically removing movement artifacts in EEG signals that are recorded during locomotion.


Efraim Goldberg
Efraim studies Physics at Bar Ilan University. He analyzes sleep data of human and animal models by utilizing statistical physics methods, and he is working on a random walk-based model to reproduce the empirically observed statistics of sleep/wake and sleep-stage transitions in order to better understand the underlying mechanisms of sleep regulation.