Ronny Bartsch – Curriculum Vitae


Ronny  Bartsch Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, 5290002 Israel

07/2003 MSc Theoretical Physics

(advisor:  Philipp  Maass)

University  of Konstanz,

Baden-Wu¨rttemberg, Germany.

06/2009 PhD Statistical Physics  applied to physiologic dynamics (advisor:  Shlomo Havlin)  

Bar-Ilan  University, Ramat Gan,  Israel.

Faculty  Academic Appointments
08/2013- 03/2014 Instructor Division of Sleep Medicine, Harvard  Medical School, Boston,  MA.
04/2014–09/2014 Assistant Research  Professor Physics  Department, Boston  University,  Boston,  MA.
10/2014– Senior Lecturer Department of Physics,  Bar-Ilan  University, Israel.

Postdoctoral Training

07/2013            Postdoctoral Fellow         Division of Sleep Medicine,                                                                                                Harvard  Medical School and, Brigham  and                                                                      Women’s Hospital, Boston,  MA. Appointments                                                                  at Hospitals/Affiliated Institutions

10/1998–08/2003 X-Ray and MR Imaging Assistant Medicine, Radiology Institute of Radiology and Radiotherapy Prof.  Zwicker, Konstanz, Germany.
08/2013–03/2014 Associated Physiologist Medicine, Sleep Medicine Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston,  MA.
01/2013–03/2014 Visiting Scholar Statistical Physics and Brain  Networks Physics  Department, Boston  University,  Boston, MA.
08/1996–10/1997 Civil Service White  Storks Ornithological  Research Station  at Affenberg Salem, Germany.
09/1999–10/2001 Teaching  Assistant Physics  and Mathematics (high school, undergrad engineering)  Studienkreis  Konstanz, Germany

06/2002            Research  Student        Photovoltaics Lab, Physics Department,                                                                            University  of Konstanz, Germany.

04/2004           Research  Scientist        Cardiovascular MRI Applications  Development,                                                                Siemens Medical Solutions,  Erlangen,                                                                              Germany.

Honors and Prizes

2004–2006 Minerva Research  Fellowship Minerva Foundation, Max-Planck-Society, Germany.
2006–2008 President’s Scholarship Bar-Ilan  University,  Ramat Gan,  Israel.
2010–2012 DAAD Research  Fellowship German  Academic Exchange  Service (DAAD),  Germany.
2012 Young Investigator of the Year German  Society of Sleep Medicine (DGSM),  Germany.
2014–2016 Marie Curie InternationalIncoming Fellowship The European  Commission.

Oral Presentations  and Lectures

2006            DAPHNet workshop,  ETH  Zurich, Switzerland.

2007            2nd SENSATION  International Conference in Chania,  Crete,  Greece.

2007            18th Meeting of the International Society for Posture and Gait  Research,                          Burlington, Vermont,  USA.

2007            Division of Sleep Medicine, Harvard  Medical School, Boston,  MA, USA

2007            Theory  Colloquium  at the Institute of Physics,  Martin-Luther-University                         Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.

2008            DAPHNet Review Meeting,  Atos Origin, Madrid,  Spain.

2009            Final  DAPHNet workshop,  Rauischholzhausen, Germany.

2009            Sleep Disorders Research  Program, Harvard  Medical School, Boston,                           MA, USA.

2011            MURI Winter  School on Nonlinear  Dynamics,  University  of California,                           San Diego, La Jolla,  California.

2012            APS March Meeting,  Boston,  MA, USA.

2012            Faculty of Medicine, Bar-Ilan  University,  Safed, Israel.

2013            Faculty of Engineering,  Bar-Ilan  University,  Ramat Gan,  Israel.

2013            Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University,  Tel Aviv, Israel.

2013            Department of Biomedical Engineering,  Tel Aviv University,  Tel Aviv,                             Israel.

2013            Joseph  Sagol Neuroscience Center,  Chaim  Sheba Medical Center,  Tel                       Hashomer,  Israel.

2013            Department of Biomedical Engineering,  Ben Gurion  University,  Beer                             Sheva, Israel.

2013            Faculty of Health  Sciences, Ben-Gurion  University,  Beer-Sheva,  Israel.

2013            Gonda  Multidisciplinary Brain  Research  Center,  Bar-Ilan  University                             Ramat Gan,  Israel.

2013            Department of Physics,  Bar-Ilan  University,  Ramat Gan,  Israel.

2013            Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University  of Jerusalem, Israel.

Peer  Reviewed Publications

  1. Bartsch R, Hennig T, Heinen A, Heinrichs  S, Maass  P.  Statistical analysis  of fluctuations in the  ECG morphology.  Physica  A 2005;354:415–431.
  1. Bartsch R, Kantelhardt JW, Penzel T, Havlin S. Experimental evidence for phase synchronization tran- sitions in the human  cardiorespiratory system.  Phys Rev Lett 2007;98:054102(4).
  1. Bartsch R, Plotnik M, Kantelhardt JW,  Havlin  S, Giladi  N, Hausdorff  JM.  Fluctuation and  synchro- nization  of gait  intervals  and  gait  force profiles  distinguish  stages  of Parkinson’s   disease.   Physica  A 2007;383:455–465.
  1. Bashan A, Bartsch  R, Kantelhardt JW,  Havlin  S. Comparison  of detrending methods  for fluctuation analysis.  Physica  A 2008;387:5080–5090.
  1. Hamann C, Bartsch RP, Schumann  AY, Penzel T, Havlin S, Kantelhardt JW.  Automated synchrogram analysis applied  to heartbeat and reconstructed respiration. Chaos 2009;19:015106(8).
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  1. Bashan A, Bartsch RP, Kantelhardt JW, Havlin S, Ivanov PCh. Network Physiology reveals relations be- tween network topology and physiologic function. Nature Communications 3:702 doi: 10.1038/ncomms1705 (2012).
  1. Bartsch RP, Schumann AY, Kantelhardt JW,  Penzel  T, Ivanov  PCh.   Phase transitions in physiologic coupling.  Proc  Natl Acad Sci USA 2012;109:10181–10186.
  1. Lo C-C, Bartsch RP, Ivanov  PCh.    Basic  pathways and  asymmetry in  the dynamics  of sleep-stage transitions. Europhysics  Letters  2013;102:10008(6).
  1. Plotnik M, Bartsch RP, Zeev A, Giladi  N, Hausdorff JM.  Effects of walking speed on asymmetry and bilateral  coordination of gait.  Gait  and Posture 2013;38:864–869.
  1. Bartsch RP, Ivanov PCh. Coexisting forms of coupling and phase-transitions in physiological networks. Nonlinear  Dynamics  of Electronic  Systems 2014;270–287.
  1. Bartsch RP, Liu KKL, Ma QDY, Ivanov PCh. Three independent forms of cardio-respiratory coupling: Transitions across sleep stages.  Computing  in Cardiology 2014;41:781–784.
  1. Liu KKL,  Bartsch RP, Ma  QDY,  Ivanov  PCh.    Major  component analysis  of dynamic  networks  of physiologic organ interactions. Journal of Physics 2015;640:012013.
  1. Penzel T, Garcia  C, Glos M, Renelt  M, Sch¨obel C, Kantelhardt JW,  Bartsch RP, Mu¨ller A, Riedl M, Wessel N, Fietze  I. Herzfrequenz  und  EKG  in der Polysomnographie.  Somnologie–Schlafforschung  und Schlafmedizin 2015;1–9.
  1. Liu KKL, Bartsch RP, Lin A, Mantegna RN, Ivanov PCh. Plasticity of brain wave network interactions and evolution  across physiologic states.  Frontiers in Neural Circuits  2015;9:62(15).
  1. Bartsch RP, Liu KKL, Bashan A, Ivanov  PCh.   Network  Physiology:  How organ systems  dynamically interact PLOS  ONE 2015;10(11):e0142143(36).

Book Chapters

  1. Parmeggiani PL, Bartsch RP, Ivanov  PCh.   “Physiologic  Regulation in Sleep.” Atlas  of Clinical Sleep Medicine (2nd edition  2013, editor:  Kryger  MH).
  1. Ivanov PCh,  Bartsch RP. “Network  Physiology:   mapping  interactions between networks  of physio- logic networks.”   Networks  of Networks:  Systemic Risk and Infrastructural dependencies  (2013) (editors: D’Agostino G and Scala A).

Conference Proceedings and Abstracts

  1. Bartsch R, Plotnik M, Havlin S, Gurevich T, Hausdorff JM. Fluctuations in gait force profiles in patients with Parkinson’s  disease.  Movement Disorders 2005;20:S93-S94.
  1. Plotnik M, Bartsch R, Yogev G, Hausdorff JM, Havlin S, Giladi N. Synchronization of right-left  stepping while walking  is compromised  in patients with  Parkinson’s disease  during  mental  loading.   Movement Disorders  2006;21:S592–S592.
  1. Galil Y, Tamir I, Zivotofsky A, Gruendlinger L, Bartsch R, Plotnik  M, Hausdorff JM. Modality-specific feedback affects gait  synchronization during  side-by-side walking.  Proceedings  of the 18th International Conference  of the International Society for Posture and Gait  2007; p143.
  1. Plotnik M, Bartsch R, Leshem M, Giladi N, Havlin S, Hausdorff JM. Bilateral coordination of stepping while walking  along  a straight line or a circle in healthy adults.   Proceedings  of the 18th  International Conference  of the International Society for Posture and Gait  2007; p156.
  1. Penzel T, Bartsch R, Kantelhardt JW, Fietze  I. Coupling  of respiration and heart beat  differs between sleep stages.  Sleep 2008;31:A331–A331.
  1. Schumann AY, Kuhnhold  A, Fuchs K, Bartsch RP, Bauer A, Schmidt G, Kantelhardt JW. Reconstructed respiration and  cardio-respiratory phase synchronization in post-infarction patients.  Proceedings  of the 6th Conference  of the European Study Group  on Cardiovascular Oscillations  (ESGCO) 2010.
  1. Bartsch RP, Kantelhardt JW, Schumann AY, Havlin S, Ivanov PCh.  Sleep stage and age dependence  of cardio-respiratory coupling in healthy  subjects. Proceedings  of the 24th Annual  Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies  (APSS)  2010.
  1. Kuhnhold A, Schumann  AY, Bartsch RP, Schmidt  G, Kantelhardt JW. Reconstructed respiration and cardio-respiratory phase synchronization in post-infarction patients. Proceedings  of BIOSIGNAL  2010.
  1. Ivanov PCh,  Lo C-C,  Bartsch RP. Scale-invariant  pattern in  arousals  during sleep. Proceedings of BIOSIGNAL  2010.
  1. Bartsch RP, Ivanov PCh. Transitions in physiologic coupling:  Sleep stage and age dependence of cardio- respiratory phase synchronization American  Physical Society (APS)  March Meeting Abstracts 2012;1:1282.
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  1. Ivanov PCh, Bartsch RP. Self Organized  Criticality as a new paradigm of sleep regulation. APS March Meeting Abstracts  2012;1:41003.
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  1. Ivanov PCh,  Bartsch RP, Bashan  A, Kantelhardt JW,  Havlin  S. Physiological Networks:  Topological and functional  transitions across sleep stages.  APSS 2012. Sleep 2012;35:A52–A53.


  1. R. Bartsch “Wavelet  based fluctuation analysis  of long-term  ECG  data  sets to discriminate heart-failure patients from healthy  subjects.”   [M.Sc.  Dissertation (in German)]  (University of Konstanz, Germany,2003). Thesis advisor Prof.  Philipp Maass.
  1. R. Bartsch “Scaling and synchronization methods  from statistical physics applied to physiological data.” [Ph.D. Dissertation] (Bar-Ilan  University,  Ramat Gan, Israel, 2008). Thesis advisor Prof.  Shlomo Havlin.

Media Reviews Featuring  my   Work:

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Editorial Activities

Reviewer for the following Journals:

2004 –            Physica  A.
2006 –            Chaos.
2006 –            Europhysics  Letters.
2007 –            New Journal  of Physics.
2009 –            Applied Mathematical Modelling.
2009 –            Biomedical Signal Processing  and Control.
2011 –            Frontiers in Fractal Physiology.
2013 –            Physical  Biology.
2014 –            Physical  Review E.
2014 –            PLOS  ONE.